Our jobs

From fashion to sales, every expertise has its place

Product design

A true brand beacon, the product is the key vector to a collection's success. Forever more inspired, innovative and creative, our collections attract particular attention. The designers boost, the model makers implement and the heads of products orchestrate.OK

The marketing

A product's greatness is not enough to ensure its success. One needs to know how to accentuate it, sell it, make it a 'must have' to create desire and to trigger the sale.

Supply chain management

Behind all this expertise hide men and women, key links in the value chain and at a crossroads with distribution. From management to logistics, the product is studied, followed and referenced to ensure it makes it to the shelves or online and satisfies out customers.

Support functions

A cornerstone of the company, this expertise accompanies our core business on a daily basis.


Our historical know-how, retail is at the heart of our trade. Our 4000 sales hostesses and store managers enhance our products and offer our customers the opportunity to sublime their daily lives. With as many managers sharing the geographical zones to drive sales performance everywhere in the world.

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