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With its retro futurist look, the Undiz Machine is making waves in the retail world. Installed at the store’s core, it directly sends customers their orders straight from the stockroom via compressed air tubes. The flow of capsules creates entertainment and the concept itself optimizes in-store display space.

Its success is by no measure waning: the first Machine, opened in Toulouse, saw the number of in-store visits quite simply double. As a result, the brand continues to deploy the concept both locally and internationally. The main advantage being the guaranteed delivery times thanks to the in-store preparation of online orders.

1 capsule sent every two minutes in the Undiz Machine.



The real-time figures

Undiz continues to equip all its items with RFID chips. The data related projects are increasing in numbers in order to offer more agile and performant services, such as the enhanced management and distribution of stocks or the tweaking of our collections.

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