Climate & biodiversity

Committed to reducing our CO2 emissions and preserving biodiversity

In 2021, the Group defined its Climate & Carbon strategy and made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% on scopes 1 and 2. This corresponds to the 1.5 °C trajectory, recommended by the Sciences Based Target Initiative. On scope 3, the Group is committed to reducing the carbon content by 40% per product.

Merchandise transport

We favor maritime and railway transport that emits less carbon. In order to reduce distances traveled by the merchandise, the Group has installed direct flows from factories in Asia to Mexico and Thailand, avoiding journeys through European logistical platforms. From now on, environmental criteria are part of our specifications when selecting our transport providers.


An ambitious action plan is being deployed to control our energy consumption, as well as better manage waste. As we renovate and refurbish our stores, we are replacing lights with LED sourced lighting, and energy equipment with more efficient models. Timers have been installed to turn off our signs and lights at night.

Animal well-being and biodiversity are our priority which is why we have developed strict policies that ban exotic skin and fur, as well as materials from endangered species. Materials under vigilance such as mohair; angora, duvet, feather, and wool are authorized on the condition of respect for animal well-being: a ban on controversial practices such as mulesing, plucking and bare-skinning.


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