Fashion Week – Etam Live Show 2020

Etam’s fashion show was held in the heart of its emblematic flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann for the launch of Paris Fashion Week.

A spectacular live show interplaying transparency and graphic lingerie, highlighting our savoir-faire since 1916!

What an emotional and energetic mix, driven by the rhythm of brilliant artists – Clara Luciani, Hatik, Nea, Imagination and Ofenbach!


Nea – Etam Live Show 2020 in Paris September 29th, 2020. © Pool Agence Bestimage Runway



Groupe Etam reveals with total transparency behind the scenes of its clothing factories


Today Group Etam has taken another step in its ambitious WeCare! program towards greater responsibility and transparency with the launch of the “Transparency” project.

 Customers can go behind the scenes of the factories where the lingerie pieces they find in stores are crafted since September 30th.

A total immersion experience in the heart of Groupe Etam’s partner factories.


A unique concept in the retail world

Constantly in tune with consumer trends and client expectations, the Groupe Etam has decided to reveal behind the scene glimpses in its lingerie factories through short videos (about thirty seconds).

An additional step towards greater transparency for the end consumer.

Groupe Etam is determined to act quickly: already, 80% of the lingerie range is covered by the “Transparency” project. By the end of the year 2021, the aim is to reach 100% of the lingerie references.

How does it work?


In every Etam store, the client will be able to scan the product label by means of a QR code that will then give direct and instant access to the video of the factory where the product was manufactured. A breakthrough in the textile industry!

The images are raw, without artifice nor marketing, in order to highlight the reality of the textile factories. The videos will also be available on Etam’s e-commerce site.


As an introduction, the partner factory’s “identity card” specifies to the clients the name, location, expertise, and the number of years of collaboration with the Groupe Etam as well as the various compliance audits carried out (BSCI, SA8000, SMETA or ICS).


Thanks to “Transparency”, the Groupe Etam once again confirms its position as a leader, a pioneer of innovation, by being the only actor in the retail sector to open the doors of the factories based in Europe and Asia.


This “Transparency” project is a part of an approach that is increasingly committed and in line with the ambitions of Groupe Etam for greater sustainable fashion!




Mindful about its responsibilities of a leading lingerie company, the group is committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach, with the ambition to transform the entire industry in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. This commitment, called WECARE, operates through six pillars: products, sourcing, logistics, stores, human resources and marketing.

Today, in real terms, 25% of products are already eco-friendly, by 2021 more than 40%, and the aim to reach 80% by 2025.


Etam Group joins the Lafayette Plug and Play open-innovation ecosystem

Etam Group joins the Lafayette Plug and Play open-innovation ecosystem as a corporate partner, to take the customer experience to the next level and invent the future of retail

The Lafayette Plug and Play innovation platform has entered into a major new partnership with Etam Group. This key player in lingerie and fashion will boost the Lafayette Plug and Play ecosystem’s virtuous open-innovation model and benefit the retail and fashion sectors. And the startups in the ecosystem can now enjoy preferential access to Lafayette Plug and Play’s 16 corporate partners, to rise to their new challenges in the phygital sphere.


Etam Group is a pioneer in the digital customer experience, constantly building bridges between its bricks-and-mortar stores and online universe, and places its phygital approach at the core of its strategy. This partnership is putting Etam Group in a position to build closer ties with the sector’s most innovative startups in France and worldwide, to take the customer experience to the next level and invent the future of retail.


To do this, Etam Group will be able to leverage the ecosystem that Lafayette Plug and Play has been building for over four years. It is accelerating 141 startups and scaleups, has identified hundreds of targeted solutions around the world, and these solutions are ready to be harnessed to enable its partners to reach their goals in the digital arena.


This partnership will for example enable Etam Group to fast-track a solution based on Livestream Shopping, with startup Bambuser, at its next Live Show.

We’re thrilled to be part of the Lafayette Plug and Play ecosystem. This platform is geared for retail and is a perfect fit for our lines of work. We can pinpoint the French and international startups that are exactly right for us, to tap into their expert insights and first- class support. Our goal with this partnership is to keep on speeding up the integration of innovative solutions, to enhance the customer experience and roll out an omnichannel business model,” says Elya Hasson, Etam Group’s Chief Digital Officer.

Pieter Lammens, Lafayette Plug and Play’s Director, adds, “We’re very pleased to welcome Etam Group into our ecosystem. Retailers need to adapt faster than ever to the new trends reshaping consumption habits, as these trends are gaining traction due to the health crisis. Now that it has joined our 15 other corporate partners, France’s leader in fashion and lingerie is enjoying tailored sourcing solutions and an open environment for conversations between the big players transforming the sector.


About Lafayette Plug and Play (

As the first innovation platform fully dedicated to the digital transformation of the retail and fashion industry, Lafayette Plug and Play was born through a partnership between the Galeries Lafayette group and the Californian accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center. Since its creation in 2016, 15 other leading names in the retail industry have joined in order to boost their digital and cultural innovation process. Lafayette Plug and Play, which occupies a 1,000 sq. metre innovation workspace in the heart of Paris, connects retail corporations with the best-suited startups and scaleups so they can accelerate their digital transformation and optimise their results, with a view to creating a virtuous ecosystem in the French and European markets. Lafayette Plug and Play has two annual intakes, and offers entrepreneurs a three-month business acceleration program.

YES!, Etam’s cry of the heart

Because Etam has made it its mission to support all women, throughout their lives, in the best moments as well as the hard ones. Etam launches YES!, its first collection of post-mastectomy lingerie, designed with concerned women and developed with our corsetry expert teams.
YES! is a message carried by the 7 muses of the campaign. Real women with different and inspiring journeys. Meet Carole, Sabrina, Lydie, Anaïs, Angélique, Karine and Cindy and discover their stories, their relationship to lingerie and to femininity after an operation on

Maison 123 x Stop! Micro waste

For World Oceans Day, Maison 123 teams up with the association Stop! Micro waste
Pursuing our ambition to be more real, more transparent, more concrete, means imagining a committed capsule collection!
100% of the profits from our PURE OCEAN collection will be donated to the association, which aim is to raise awareness among young and old alike of the danger of plastic micro-particles, and ultimately to reduce pollution of the oceans.

Seconde Vie by Maison 123

Maison Cent Vingt Trois pursues its ethical and responsible ambitions to develop more sustainable consumption by creating an online vide-dressing platform: Seconde Vie by Maison 123.
This collaborative site offers the opportunity to give a second life to your Maison Cent Vingt Trois and formerly 1.2.3 clothes, by selling them to others. 
How does it work?
I post my product on the website, a buyer makes me an offer, we close the sale. Then I have the opportunity to:
1. Recover the amount of the sale with a bank transfer.
2. Or choose the e-gift card (30% plus the amount of my sale) which will be sent to me by Maison Cent Vingt-Trois customer service.
To find out more, visit:

# SecondeVieMaison123 # maison123 #secondemain #substainablefashion #moderesponsable #WECARE

Undiz supports the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France.

In order to thank the nursing staff, undiz is launching the culotte 100% love operation for the benefit of the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France.

From May 20th to 31st 2020, customers who shop in stores will be offered their favorite panties for €1 only.
The sums collected will be donated to the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France to help patients and caregivers in need through various actions : delivery of meals, provision of iPads to isolated people and funding of medical equipment, furniture and consumables.

A way of thanking its customers for coming back to the store and for their unfailing loyalty in this exceptional situation.

#StandAsOne #TousSolidaires #UndizFamily #GroupeEtam 

Fashion Revolution Week

During the Fashion Revolution Week, we would like to honor the women and men who produce our clothes around the world.

In the current pandemic context, we want to thank each person who contributes to imagining, developing and manufacturing the products of our brands @Etam, @Undiz and @ Maison123

Just like you, we care about the world we live in, about taking action for society, for the respect of the rights of men and women. We care about making the lingerie and fashion industry more fair and more sustainable.
We want to keep making beautiful pieces that fulfill the expectations of our customers, while leading a responsible transition. By 2025, we aim to have 80% of our products be eco-designed.

There is a long way to go, but we believe that together we have the power to address the social and environmental issues of our industry to transform it.

#GroupeEtam #FashionRevolution #WeCare

Together, let’s support our heroes!

Maison 123 supports our front-line heroes who fight daily on the ground, for us.
To help hospitals raise funds, Maison 123 is launching a mini-collection of 3 organic cotton T-shirts for which its clients have been stylists. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France

Together, let’s support our heroes!

Etam and undiz respond to the call from #protegetonsoignant

Etam and undiz respond to the call for donations from the association ProtegeTonSoignant by unlocking a stock of panties, bras and pajamas.

Concretely, 32 packages will be distributed among ephemeral accommodation centers welcoming caregivers, so that they can be closer to their patients in hospitals while preserving their families.

A big thank you to the teams who have been mobilized for the cause.

#StandAsOne #Team #EtamGroup


The “Protège Ton Soignant” collective is a multidisciplinary team of doctors, medical teachers, entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, with the mission of helping caregivers to overcome this terrible health crisis.

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