The Etam Group launches several coronavirus acts of solidarity

The Etam Group has put together various acts of solidarity to actively participate in the fight against the coronavirus and support health professionals who battle daily to limit the spread of the virus.

Therefore, the Group has implemented the following actions with immediate effect:

  • Free manufacturing of protective masks:

The “Tech Center”,  Etam Group’s prototyping workshop and R&D center located in northern France, Marcq-en-Baroeul, today dedicates its production to manufacture protective masks,  to help meet the shortage of masks found today in France.

Historically, on site, there are around sixty employees and 100 machines that develop nearly 5,000 prototypes per year, mainly for Etam, but also for Undiz and Livy, and more recently for Ysé. 


  • Warehouse provisioning

To assist in the storage of Novomed medical devices (European leader in the supply and distribution of single-use medical devices including hydro-alcoholic gels, masks and gloves intended for healthcare professionals (city doctors, hospitals, etc.) , the Etam Group has opened its doors of  the two warehouses in Goussainville and Longueil Sainte Marie, neighbors of Novomed.

This initiative therefore allows them  to better handle saturation of their own warehouses by storing more than 150 additional pallets per day in the warehouses of Etam Group. 

  • Last but not least… 

To support the intense activity of Novomed, employees from Etam Group’s warehouses have volunteered to work day- to- day with Novomed’s teams in their factory. 



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