YES!, Etam’s cry of the heart

    Published on 24/06/2020 - Etam

    Because Etam has made it its mission to support all women, throughout their lives, in the best moments […]

    Maison 123 x Stop! Micro waste

    Published on 11/06/2020 - Maison 123

    For World Oceans Day, Maison 123 teams up with the association Stop! Micro waste   “Pursuing our ambition to be […]

    Seconde Vie by Maison 123

    Published on 28/05/2020 - Maison 123

    Maison Cent Vingt Trois pursues its ethical and responsible ambitions to develop more sustainable consumption by creating an […]

Since 1916, women are the reason we exist. They inspire, motivate and elevate us.

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